School of Commerce Alumni focuses on developing and associating with alumni for strengthening our bond for college engagements and in order to achieve our goal and mission we conducted various events.

School of Commerce Activities :


This is an Admin approved event orgainsed by SRC and Alumni committee of every school at XIM University. 

The first phase of ‘Pratidan’ from 11 May 2020 as an initiative to distribute sanitation kits to the people of few villages near Harirajpur and the support staff of XIM University.

The kit consist of two sanitizers, three masks, Dettol liquid, Dettol soap, and one pair of gloves. 

In this event we connected  our Alums in order to raise some funds through donation. We also be provided them E-Certificates after the drive was completed. 


This is an event which we carry many times in a every year, this time we will do it over E-Platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. The main motive of the event is to get knowledge of Industry nowadays and some new things which will help us in this competitive world and in our placements. This way we will also be connecting to them in case we need help in our Final Placements or Internship. We can also help our CAS team in this way.